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Flat Irons 

Hair Styling irons all start with the basic flat, curling or crimping iron style.
User preference of these products has created a wide range of variations from modern electric irons to updated stove irons.
Hot Tools, Fusion Tools, CHI, Gold N Hot, Etc. use the newest technology to create the perfect electric style iron. Gold N Hot’s ceramic-coated flat irons create smooth, soft and frizz-free hair. The Fusion Tool’s digital heat setting allows professionals easy control of temperatures and automatic shutoff times.
Where as CHI’s Titanium plates provides even heat for consistent styling.

In the beginning, Thermal Irons were simply placed in coal, gas or electric stoves to create temperatures to style in. Uncontrollable temperatures of irons singed hair/scalp and burned stylist hands/finger tips.
Today, Golden Supreme, a leader in thermal iron systems has updated a once ancient styling art with the aid of “modern technology.” Golden Supreme has created stoves with heat setting controls, dramatically improved thermal irons, and accessories for everyday thermal use.

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